For over 30 years, Coach Anthony Eggleton has one of the most cutting edge, continually evolving and eclectic training systems in the world. By increasing the speed explosiveness, strength, quickness, flexibility and sport specific movements in athletes he transforms individuals into superior athletic performers.  The results have been overwhelmingly successful.



  • Increased bat speed
  • Powerful throwing velocity
  • Injury preventation, joint, tendon and ligament strengthening
  • Learn drills that increase the ability to stay focused, and to refocus quickly and easily.


Multisport combines the best exercises from all of our training programs to create a world class strength training regimen, designed speficly for the athletes sport.  These innovative, one-of-a-kind programs not only increases performance but also reduces risk of injury and overuse symptoms. 

Tarah Murrey,Cherrelle Garrett, Jukka Valkonen and Andre Ward trained with coach Ant. Click on pictures below to see training video.

Where to Find Us:

Anthony Eggleton
3820 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

Phone: +1 510 978-3619

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