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Advanced Sports Training is the preeminent training program in the greater Eastbay area for Middle School and High School athletes. Coach Anthony has found a way to motivate kids to reach their highest potential when it comes to physical fitness and performance.

Raymond Young, Oakland Rebals AAU Coach

Coach Eggleton has helped develop numerous College and High school athletes. His strength training program will help the athlete excel in his/her sport. Whatever your aspiration may be, Advanced Sports Training Institute will provide you with the opportunity to maximize your abilities. His program will produce exceptional improvements in both strength and movement skills, as well as change your mental approach to the game you love. He is disciplined, motivated and technique-oriented.







I’ve had the privilege to work with coach Ant in preparation for my first division I season at university of Utah.  Within a short period of time my body completely changed and my vertical leap, my quickness and overall strength increased tremendously.  In the off season during my college career I would come home and train as well. Coach Ant uses unique, but affective ways to improve performance. I would recommend any player at any level to train with coach Ant.







I have had the pleasure of working with Ant for many years with High School, College and Professional Athletes. Being in the skills development business for many years I have seen a great deal of strength coaches and Ant exceeds them all by far! His ability to tap into his athletes on the physical and mental level is second to none. His training methods get instant results that transfer into stronger, faster and better conditioned athletes.  I have and will continue to recommend athletes of all levels to Ant.  He is one of the best in the business. 


                                                                Brian Shaw
                     Oakland Native & Associate Head Coach Of The Los Angeles Lakers


I just wanted to recognize & give thanks to Coach Anthony Eggleton & Advanced Sports Training for all their hard work dedication to detail in the training of our young athletes! I have witnessed the growth & boost in stamina, strength, & explosion which in turn has led to a major boost in confidence for my son BJ Shaw. His body has transformed , but more importantly his mind & confidence as a result of your training & techniques. He is off to a great start at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire, a prep school, & is quickly gaining the attention of major division 1 coaches across the country. Thanks so much & feel free to use me as a reference to any future young athlete that you may work with!





Quentin enjoys being trained by Anthony because of his concern for him to succeed not just in high school but for college as well.... I personally see how Anthony talks to the young men and ladies by encourageing them to succeed not just on the playing field, but the field of life. He has been given a gift to help others perform at their optimum.

Jukka Valkonen

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I've been a lifelong swimmer and triathlete for 25 years. Yes, specific strength conditioning can improve the swimmer's ability to stabilize, thus "hold" the extended shoulder as needed. However, the exercises are not focused initially on your external, propulsion muscles, e.g., deltoid. Instead, you begin with building the support muscles that are internal, which are smaller and much more difficult to train. One needs to find a strength and conditioning coach versed with this. The Russian, Bulgarian, and Chinese strength methods are the best. Once implemented; however, it takes time and discipline to develop the necessary strength. The results you will see in your swim times and effort, not in the mirror with bulky delts. Here in the US, Anthony Eggleton is trained in the Russian and Bulgarian systems. He does use web training tools for athletes not local to him. I've applied the techniques and lessons from the Swim Smooth Master Catch DVD to the training in the pool and with Coach Anthony. At 45, I can turn a 26 50 free and a 65 100. My open water 1500s in tris are about 19 without the wetsuit and 17 with. So I am very pleased with my results and no pain in the shoulders which I used to have (former rugby player too). Good luck!

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